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The truth is that every day is a perfect day to start re-working on a tired or outdated room, however there has never been a better time then now to look for inspiration. My favourite UK furniture company FADS are having a fantastic Pinterest competition, to help you create an inspiring board to build your dream room- just in time for spring!


See my board here, and get started on your own!

For full instructions, click here.

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Lifestyles of the rich and famous

We all love to live vicariously through famous folk and often take inspiration from celeb homes. We have looked at some amazing closets and gone inside apartments like Olivia Palermo but some of the rich and famous also seem to keep themselves really entertained in their own homes with some in-house fun that will have you wanting to be their friends:


Their own moat


Like castles of yester-year that used to have moats to fend themselves off from their enemies, apparently Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen think it’s safer to have a moat around their house, to fend off the paparazzi maybe?


A Baseball field


The song “take me out to the ball game” takes on a whole new meaning if you are Jerry Springer because you actually don’t need to leave your home to go to the ball game, you get your fix from your huge backyard. Does it come with corn dogs too?




The playboy mansion is anything but average, and not surprising, Hugh Hefner’s LA mansion also boasts a zoo and a waterfall. Of course, every house needs those two things!


A casino


Okay, so Donald Trump might not exactly have a casino itself in his main residence by he certainly has his hand in many casino projects like the Trump Tag Mahal and Trump Plaza. I wouldn’t put it past the man to have a slot machine, a poker table or even a roulette wheel in his home, reminding him of all the cash he is making from his casino ventures. I may not be rich like him, but I can still do some banking at Euro Palace and feel like I have a casino in my home too!


A private island


I just dream about a trip to the ocean, a trip to an island, sipping cocktails overlooking the clear blue ocean, I’ve never dreamed about owning my own island before, but hey, when you are Richard Branson, splashing out $10 million on your own island is a must –have.


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Creating a sophisticated interior, with furniture from FADS!

I am always on the lookout for new furniture stores, especially online stores- nothing is easier for browsing and creating mood boards for your new interior. I have completely fallen in love with the sophisticated mix of modern and classic pieces that FADS have on offer. I am in love with these pieces, and mixed together would help to create a gorgeous apartment interior!

I am in love with this marble table, this will last a lifetime, never date and always be in style. I always recommend an oval rather then a round coffee table, often the round table takes up too much space with not too much benefit.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this sofa! It is classic but at the same time the exaggerated rolled arm is very retro- I’m dying for it!

In my opinion, every home needs an egg chair- they are some comfortable and trendy! I have never seen a Maroon coloured one so this is a must have!

The options are truely endless at FADS- I am so impressed with their huge range and fantastic prices, check them out here!

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The importance of good Art!

I will never stop telling people how important Art is for the home. Not only do artworks create gorgeous rooms and help to connect your furnishing and homewares, but they also give you a chance to inject your personality. Many of my readers are wanting advice as to where to begin when starting on an Art collection, my answer is paintings online from Saatchi.

Here are some of my favourites, but explore their galleries- there is something for everyone!


“rosso Illuminare II”
Bronwyn Woodley Graham


“Transformation II”
Sara Zin
United States

Both of these works would look stunning in a living space, over a sideboard or even framing a room above a sofa or empty space.


“An Accidental Tourist”,
Limited Edition of 75, 11 sold
Kevin Sloan

I am dying for this surrealist penguin print, would be perfect if I had a baby! It has some youthful charm about it-without being too baby focused- LOVE it!

But… as to my favourite? Well it’s below- there is something about works which speak to you- you know it when you see it, this one spoke to me and I may need to find a home for it in my home! :)

Gagged Álvaro Tomé Brazil

Álvaro Tomé

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Lake view Furniture- Listen up UK residents

Finding dining room furniture is one of the most emailed requests I get from you, my readers. Where do I get interesting pieces? What won’t date? Are there affordable options? The answer is yes, yes, YES!

I have recently come across a fab UK online furniture company called Lakeland Furniture. They have a solid mix of replica furnishings and specialise in dining room chairs- so much choice! My favourite thing about their range? Well the price of course! Everything is super affordable and very high quality!

Here are my picks for a fresh and clean look- perfect for a modern kitchen!

Also I am loving this glamourous look with upholstery and stainless steel- who says you can’t mix styles in the living room??? I adore this coffee table!

Be sure to check them out for more! 

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Hermes scarfs


I love Hermes! It is one of the gorgeous fashion houses which are always dripping in ever-s0-chic/never going-out-of-style style. I was in awe when I found these inspiring pics of framed Hermes Scarfs in homes! What a fantastic way to show off the gorgeousness of a wonderful brand so you can look at the craftsmanship everyday!

Ebay has a great range of Hermes Scarfs ranging from $300-$500 or go whole-hog and grab one from the boutique!

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Do you dream in black & white?



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Zebra-print is all over Pinterest at the moment and it has me undecided…. There is something very alluring about this print but it also has me a bit off-put…. hmmmm


Help me out… what do you think of the print! Are you a go to Jersey-Girl print junkie or a classic linen over lines???

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Crushing on Colourful Living Spaces!

colourful living

I am loving colourful living spaces at the moment. Dare Gallery have some great colourful sofas at the moment, as do Freedom…. But it you are looking for a signature chair, such as this great printed beauty- try Chair Candy or EDIT….

Have a colourful Saturday!

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Mixing Finishs-



Using a neutral colour palate as a base and then injecting colour and different finishes to give your interior some character!

I adore this look!!!!!

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Style on a grande scale!


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Colourful Bedroom!


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Kerrie Brown! Pop goes my heart!

There is nothing I hate more then a home which has no personality… the solution? Well, Kerrie Brown of course!

Her cushions, furnishings, lampshades and store really made my heart skip a beat. Pattern and print are my weakness, I adore it! Whether you love in-your-face patterned interiors, or your a little more reserved and just want an accent piece to add some interest, you are sure to find something at Kerrie Brown….


1- Indian Princess Ceiling Lamp

2- Chinoiserie in mexican pink

3- Dragon Tattoo Lampshade

4- Lucy in the Sky

5- Dizzy Lizzy


Be inspired by these great shots of the store and some of their yummy sofas!


find more here!

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Creating Zones in an Open Plan Living Room


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Crushing on Nate Berkus!

  I adore Nate Berkus! This latest design I came across took my breath away! Those chairs… are…simply amazing!605e84206a0265937fd8fb31f3e8be08

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Black & White Stripe Rug


How stunning is this room? Black and gold is so regal and powerful, this rug really helps to elongate the living space. Get a similar look with the new Ikea Stockholm rug! Get more details here!

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Styleless? Hark the Raven, “Nevermore”!


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Heatherly Design Bed-heads! Customisable Bed-heads on Demand!

Heatherly Design Bed-heads! Customisable Bed-heads on Demand!

I adore customisable furniture! It allows for you to really inject your personality and taste into your interior with ease. I came across Heatherly Design Bedheads a few months ago and have become a massive fan! They have a gorgeous range of bed heads that are fully customisable…

Look at these gorgeous styles!

The Ralson, below, is my favourite! I can see this design looking so fantastic as a focal point in any bedroom.

 With a fantastic range, and so many options their online showroom is easily navigated and full of inspiration! Check it out here

  Have fun planning your bedroom makeover!




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